Frequently Asked Questions...


Who are Mulch Medics, LLC & what services do we provide?

Mulch Medics is a professional service business specializing in adding fresh, vibrant color back to your weathered and faded looking mulch beds. We are based in Fishers, Indiana and cater to both residential and commercial customers. We currently service the Greater Indianapolis area.

Our primary service is re-coloring the surface layer of your existing mulch beds to rejuvenate their vibrant appearance. With our specialized equipment, we apply our eco-friendly & non-toxic commercial-grade, premium black or brown dye to the surface layer of your existing mulch beds that appear weathered. We do not currently offer traditional mulch services like mulch installation, fluffing, weeding, edging or adding mulch to bare areas.


Am I a good candidate for having this mulch color revival service performed?

Do you have weathered and faded looking mulch beds? YES / Do you have at least 1 inch of evenly spread, existing mulch? YES / Are your mulch beds free of weeds and debris? YES / Do you desire a freshened-up, vibrant new look for your mulch beds at a fraction of the cost of having new mulch installed, giving your home great curb appeal for any occasion? YES / Are you planning on listing your home for sale and looking for an economical option to enhance your curb appeal? YES / Do you hate paying the high price for new mulch installation every year, just to see the vibrant color fade out in a few months... or weeks? YES / Do you detest the smell and process of installing new mulch yourself? YES

*If you answered YES to any or all of these questions...Mulch Medics color revival service might be a great alternative to new mulch replacement and a more economical option for you! 


What is the mulch dyeing process?

Mulch dyeing is a color revival process where we use specialized, commercial-grade equipent to apply a specially formulated, commercial-grade dye to the top layer of your existing mulch beds, restoring their color and vibrant appearance. Our specially formulated premium dyes are eco-friendly & non-toxic and safe for people, pets and plants.


Is the dye safe for my family, pets, & plants (Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic)?

Absolutely! Our premium mulch dyes are eco-friendly & non-toxic and do not contain hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other ingredients that are known to be harmful to the environment, ensuring they are safe for everyone including children and pets. Additionally, they pose no harm to your soil, landscaping, plants, or surrounding vegetation. We do reccommend at least 1 hour of drying time after application before entering the serviced area. 


What colors are available for my mulch?

At Mulch Medics, we offer two premium dye color options: Black & Brown.

These options allow you to choose the one that best complements your landscape and home's aesthetics. We do not offer this service for red dyed mulch at this time. We do offer a green dye service for brown spotted lawns that may need to be enhanced for one reason or another.


How much existing mulch do I need to have for this service to be performed?

To properly benefit from our mulch dyeing services, your mulch beds should have a minimum 1 inch deep of existing and evenly spread mulch. This ensures that the dye will adhere properly and produce the desired results.


Will the dye get on my plants, home, or hardscape? 

No. Proper application requires that the dye be applied within 4 - 6 inches from the ground level, allowing the technician to easily work around your ground shrubs and plants. We will typically spray around plants that lie directly on the ground, lifitng them up when applicable. When cutting in around the edges of your home or hardscape, our team uses industry specific, specialized equipment, keeping the dye application on the mulch only. Mistakes do happen from time to time and we are not perfect, but the dye CAN be cleaned if there happens to be an accidental overspray.


Does the dye need to cure before it rains or gets wet?

Yes. For the best aesthetic longevity, Mulch Medics reccommends allowing the dye to cure/dry for as close to 24 hours as possible before exposure to rain, sprinkler systems, or routine watering. The dye should actually be completely dry to the touch within about 4 hours when weather conditions are warm and sunny.  


How long will the dye keep its' color? 

Mulch Medics uses specially formulated, premium, commercial-grade dyes for all applications. Our dyes are rated to withhold color for up to 12 months. The amount of time that the color stays vibrant in the mulch bed will vary, and is heavily dependant on the exposure to weather and direct sun. Rain, sprinklers, routine watering, wind and traffic from humans or animals can decrease the lenght of time that the color stays vibrant. Becasue we are only treating the surface layer of the mulch, wind, excessive rain, and foot traffic can disturb the mulch, shortening the vibrant lifespan. Mulch Medics recommends color application intervals of between 4 - 6 months to maintain the most vibrant look.

For best results and longevity, please allow 12 - 24 hours for the dye to cure before watering or entering the service application area. 


How often should I have this service performed?

The frequency of re-dyeing your mulch is a personal preference. Generally, the vibrant look will last for an extended period of time and the premium dyes are rated to withhold color for up to 12 months. To maintain the the most vibrant appearance, we recommend re-dyeing your mulch beds every 4 - 6 months, based on sun exposure, weather conditions and foot traffic. 

This service is NOT a replacement for new mulch, when new mulch is actually needed, but rather an option to enhance the curb appeal and vibrancy of your existing mulch. 


Are the ingredients of the dye disclosed to the customers?

No. The exact ingredients, percentages and composition of the non-hazardous components in our premuim dyes have been withheld as a trade secret. We will however, happily privide an SDS sheet to our customers upon request. Our dye formulas consist of environmentally friendly, non-toxic components, but if you have specific concerns, feel free to inquire further with our office.


Will Mulch Medics re-work my mulch beds as part of the revival process? 

No. Mulch beds will need to be prepped by the home or business owner prior to application if this is something that is needed or desired.

Here are a few things that Mulch Medics does NOT include as part of their service: Weeding, Edging, Fluffing, Debris Removal, or Adding Additional Mulch. We are a color application service only. Mulch beds should be prepped, free of weeds and debris, and ready for this application at the time of our arrival.  


Are service appointments hard-scheduled for a specific date and time? 

No. Due to our ever-increasing business and variable weather conditions, our schedule is dynamic. This method of scheduling actually helps us to be more efficient and get to your job quicker.

Once a request for service is made, Mulch Medics will give you a 24 - 48 hour notice of our arrival, text alerts when on the way to the job, and another once the job has been completed. You do not need to be present for this service to take place. Of course you are welcome to be there as well.  


Can Mulch Medics work with large commercial properties?

Absolutely! We serve both residential and commercial customers. Our team is equipped to handle mulch dyeing color revival for properties of all sizes, including, but not limited to: large commercial areas, multi-unit complexes, business parks, schools, shopping centers, HOA's, municipalities, retialiers, and more. Our service can be a huge money-saver for these types of properties. 


Is our mulch dyeing service cheaper than getting new mulch every year?

Absolutely! Service from Mulch Medics is typically about 1/3 of the cost of newly installed mulch from a contractor or landscaper. If you typically install the mulch yourself, you'll save all the time and effort required to do so. No sweat on your end!  


How long does this service take to perform?

Mulch Medics service is extemely efficient, but the time it takes to complete each job will vary based on coverage area, geographical layout and obstacles.  


How much does the Mulch Medics mulch dyeing service cost? 

Mulch Medics pricing is easy and stright foward. We charge a minimum job fee of $225, which includes up to 750 square feet of topical coverage. Additional color coverage is based on $.30 per square foot, charged in increments of 10 square feet. Easy and straight forward.


Payment Options?

We accept all major credit cards, personal or business checks & cash.

*Mulch Medics requires that payments be made ON or BEFORE the day of service and all invoices are considered due upon completion of work.


If you have any additional questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact our office directly. We're happy to assist you with all your mulch coloring needs and we look forward to earning your business!